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3 Amazing Bedroom Transformations On A Budget

JANUARY 6, 2017

Any of our 400+ designers will tell you that a large budget is not a requirement for a bedroom transformation that is big on wow-factor and a beautiful reflection of your personal style. Our 3 designers of the projects below would agree - in fact, each took great pride in helping their clients maximize the impact of their budgets to deliver a bedroom design that looked far more luxurious and expensive than they actually are. The secret? Smart choices on what items to spend on and a few insider design tips...

The $2,500 Bedroom

Designed by: Dorinda Smith, Decorist Classic designer ($299/room)


How to get a wow-factor on a budget:

  • An accent wall in a saturated color (like this Benjamin Moore Evening Dove in a sophisticated dark grey-blue) is a great focal point and in this case, helps to showcase the unique lines of the tailored headboard and the walnut-toned mirrors
  • Spend a little more on a few special pieces that will be noticed - in this project, it was the beautiful dark walnut nightstands with hand-stitched, leather-wrapped handles and the unique tribal-print accent pillows


3D renderings of design by Dorinda Smith, Decorist Classic designer

The $3,500 Bedroom

Designed by: Kylie Harmon, Decorist Classic designer ($299/room)


How to get a wow-factor on a budget:

  • Create the most visual height for your room with floor-to-ceiling curtains - this tip works with any window size and it's also a great way to balance out windows of different heights and widths
  • Keep the color palette neutral and invest in one focal-point item of furniture - this bed has beautiful wood detail and is the first thing you see when you walk into the room


3D renderings of design by Kylie Harmon, Decorist Classic designer

The $4,500 Bedroom

Designed by: Samantha Piane, Decorist Classic designer ($299/room)


How to get a wow-factor on a budget:

  • Mid-century modern is an iconic style and there are so many well-made budget-friendly options out there now
  • A great piece of special art always makes a room feel luxurious - this vintage map of 1830s London adds visual interest and the organic lines are a great counterpoint to all the clean lines in the rest of the room


3D renderings of design by Samantha Piane, Decorist Classic designer


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