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4 Bedrooms in 4 Boutique Hotel Styles

JULY 26, 2016

We love boutique hotels as bedroom design inspiration. With personality and design that doesn't feel formulaic, boutique hotels are the perfect combination of style and comfort. We love these 4 Decorist bedroom projects below because each is proof that we all can make our bedrooms feel like we're on a weekend getaway every day.

The Hip Luxe City Hotel

This is the look perfected by a particular single-alphabet global hotel chain (which started out as a boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan) - one bold feature or focal point, the shimmer and gleam from a sophisticated mix of metallic accents and reflective surfaces, and a color palette that includes a pop of bright color. While one might be hesitant to go with a patterned metallic silver wallpaper, that's the kind of daring just-go-with-it design decision that sets this bedroom apart from it's neutral-palette counterparts. Safe and for everyone? No. Exciting, sexy and eye-catching? Absolutely.

Boutique hotel style

3D rendering of bedroom design by Grace De La Rue, Decorist Classic designer

The Classic British Country House Hotel

The current trend in British boutique hotels is an updated fresh take on the classic country house. This bedroom captures that style - contemporary classic - perfectly. While the furniture, fabrics and lighting might be traditional, the color palette is muted rather than saturated. In addition, the design leans toward clean and uncluttered, instead of the traditional more-is-more approach to accessories. The overall effect is quiet, luxurious and elegant, a room that would fit right into a modern Downton mansion.

Boutique hotel style

3D rendering of bedroom design by Lori Henle, Decorist Elite designer

The Global-Inspired Eclectic Hotel

This bedroom suite would be right at home in an eclectic and chic high-end boutique hotel in an international city. With global-inspired accents and a mix of pieces in different styles, this design feels cohesive because of the focused color palette. While there are layers of textures and patterns, the symmetry from items in pairs helps to balance the look and prevents the room from feeling cluttered or busy. Layering rugs on top of carpet helps to define the spaces within the room and helps make a large room feel more cozy and intimate.

Boutique hotel style

Boutique hotel style

3D renderings of bedroom design by Ashley Mecham, Decorist Classic designer

The Tranquil Zen Retreat Hotel

This room is all about the space and the light. The lack of visual clutter immediately relaxes the mind and creates a tranquil retreat. While the color palette is natural and monochromatic, the design is neither sparse or cold. Full of warm tones and sleek details, this looks like the kind of bedroom you'd find in a small, exclusive boutique hotel on a restful vacation to recharge. Quiet, soothing and restful, this bedroom makes the case that maybe a staycation is the best kind of vacation after all.

Boutique hotel style

Boutique hotel style

3D renderings of bedroom design by Lauren Martin, Decorist Elite designer

Love one of these bedroom styles? Any one of our 400+ designers can work with you to make your own bedroom a stylish and comfortable retreat. Request one of the designers above today or let us find you the perfect designer match for your style!

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