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5 Chic and Sophisticated Ways to Decorate Your Home With The Color of The Moment


So you might be wondering, "What is the color of the moment?"  Well, it's a color we're seeing everywhere, from fashion to interiors. It's all the rage—it's millennial pink! This soft pastel hue is having a major moment and blowing up feeds (of course, be sure to follow us as it's one of our favorites too!) and is prominent in some of our favorite brands (think Acne bags and Glossier packaging). 

And while we love embracing the gender fluidity of millennial pink (New York Magazine wrote a thorough article summing up its new definition), we turned to Decorist Design Director Jessica McCarthy—who is admittedly a pink-a-holic—to get her thoughts on how to use this “it” color of the moment to make your home look on-trend yet timeless and chic.

1. Edgy Pink, Black and White Combo

Photo via Annette O’Brien

There’s nothing more classic than the black and white non-color color combination. Decorate a monochromatic space with a statement-making pink chair to add some flair and vibrancy. The results are über polished and modern.


2. Bohemian Twist

Photo via Kip & Co.

The relaxed and eclectic décor of la vie bohème gets a chic twist with blush-painted walls and pink velvet dining chairs. The lush velvet and brass accents lend subtle hints of luxury, giving bohemian digs an elevated look.


3. Industrial Mix

Photo via Annette O’Brien

While industrial interiors are known for their raw and edgy characteristics, we’re digging how pink can bring much-needed color and life to the mix. Vivify your industrial style with pink-painted walls, a blush couch or pastel artwork to give your space more visual interest. Even an unfinished wall looks like it is well-designed with intention.


4. Preppy in Pink

Photo via Luke White / Interior Archive

Take your preppy style to the next level with millennial pink. A fresh coat of peachy pink paint can transform your home to look more modern and fresher than ever. If you’re not willing to paint an entire wall, subtle hints of pink in patterned throw pillows can be used to achieve the same look.


5. Blush As The New Neutral

Image Sarah Sherman Samuel

One pink velvet couch, please!  A standout way to use millennial pink is through luxe textures like velvet, fur and silk that make just about any piece of furniture look instantly Pinterest-worthy. Mix with a neutral palette and organic elements and you have a soft, clean, modern look.  

Feeling inspired to decorate with pink? Start a design project today with a Decorist—it's fast, easy and affordable! Happy Decorating!

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