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Mid Century Vintage Makeover For A Living Room

MAY 11, 2015

Love the mid century look but not sure where to start? Decorist designers recently took this Brookline, MA living room from dated to oh-so-stylish and colorful retreat for less that you would imagine. Our client wanted a whole new living room (check the end of the post for the crazy before picture, you won't believe the transformation!) 


Not sure where to begin your decorating project? Never fear, our step-by-step guide so you can create a fabulous mid century look like this quickly and easily (and have fun!), for less than you ever thought.


Makeover Gif 


Here's how to get the look in 5 easy steps:


Couch for Mid Century Living Room


Step 1.  Anchor the Room in Stylish Neutrals

This Moroccan rug in ivory and grey and tufted sofa in ivory set the stage for layering in texture and color. The tufting on the sofa give it some soft lines and pattern on the rug is large enough that it acts like a neutral backdrop for the furnishings.  The texture and contrast add a layer of interest while still being a very neutral stage for all your home decor and color ideas.


Sofa Complimentary Pieecs


Step 2.  Create Symmetry around Sofa with Complimentary Pieces  

The coffee table reads neutral but the geometric brass frame gives style and a nice reflective quality. The side table and floor lamp have similar architectures, so create balance around the sofa.  All three items create a triangle that is easy for eyes to follow. 


Furniture for Mid Century Living Room


Step 3.  Now it’s Time to Add Color! 

Picking two larger furnishings items in complimentary colors works well here-the navy blue and emerald green add color impact without fighting each other.  Find two colors of either complimentary tones or similar cool-warm tones, and then it is easy to continue to add to them in a variety of colors and textures.


Mirror fro Mid Century Living Room


Step 4.  Add a Statement Art Piece

This gorgeous sunburst mirror really acts like a piece of art.  Whether you choose a piece of dramatic art or sculptural mirror, a statement piece pulls it all together and helps define the tone of the room.  Make sure you choose something large enough to cover 2/3 of the span of the sofa, or create a gallery wall out of several smaller pieces.


5 Step Living Room Makeover


Step 5.  Layer in Colorful Accessories to Finish the Room

Accessories pull the room together for that wow you want.  Choose complimentary colors and use at least one of the colors twice in the room for a cohesive feel (we used yellow for the lamp and the throw for example).  An unexpected pop of purple makes the room feel less matchy.


Wanna see that before picture we told you about?  Check this out below!  Yup, it's the same room believe it or not.


Before and After Mid Century Living Room


Ready to create your own mid century living room?  We’d love to help.  Learn how easy it is to get online design help from Decorist here.

Beautiful interior design.

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