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6 Design Tips for a Fun & Functional Playroom

MARCH 29, 2018
Photo credit: Decorist 3D Playroom

Like many people, you might be tired of having your kid's toys strewn all over the house. Why not turn an under-utilized dining room, office or spare bedroom into a stylish and practical space where your kids can stretch their imagination?

A playroom, whatever its size, should be bright and full of possibilities—aesthetically pleasing yet functional.  Of course, playrooms still need decorating help like any other space in your home. Smart and chic playroom design can mean the difference between a space that gives you anxiety and one that feels like a breath of fresh air and complements the rest of your home.

Our Decorist designers have helped many people, such as Lorena Garcia, of Call Me Lore, tackle their playroom designs. Over time our designers have come to recognize some common themes that help create that perfect balance between form and function. To that end, today we are sharing 6 tips to create the perfect playroom.

1. Chic Storage

Round Bookcase in playroom

Image via Decorist

There is always lots of "stuff" that accumulates when you have kids. And one of the most important features of a playroom is having the right type of storage. We love bookcases that are both cute and functional where little ones can easily access their toys and books.


2. Go Round

playroom with round ottoman

Designed by Decorist

Make sure your playroom is safe for all ages. Don't use hard surfaces or pointy edges. Try bean bags, round ottomans, cozy chairs and h sofas. Needless to say, the adults should love it, too.


3. Adorn the Walls

playroom art with bar cart

Designed by Decorist

When designing a playroom, try colorful and whimsical artwork—or better yet—frame your kid's artwork to make the space personal and inspiring.


4. Activity Table

Playroom with art table and bookcases

Designed by Decorist

A playroom can be a great space to explore self-expression through art. Encourage play activities that center around creativity and never underestimate the power of attractive craft supplies and toys.


5. Story Time

Teepee in playroom with cozy throw and pillows

Designed by Decorist

Designate a corner of the room for reading by placing chair or a fun teepee next to a stack of books. Add a faux fur, lots of pillows, and a soft rug to make it cozy and inviting. 


6. What's Cooking

Ikea Play kitchen from Apartment Therapy

Image via Apartment Therapy

Whether you have girls or boys there is nothing cuter than a miniature play kitchen.  Kids will grow up to become master chefs and their imaginations will run wild with all the adorable culinary sets that are available today. As a matter of fact, you might have seen the many DIY hacks that make these little kitchens almost replicas of some of the lastest trends in kitchen design. 

Need help with your playroom? Tap a Decorist designer today to make your kid's space one where they will play and grow and you will love too!

Heidi Caillier playroom

Decorist Elite Designer Heidi Caillier

Beautiful interior design.

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