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Bend Me, Shape Me: 5 Unique Ways to Hang Artwork

NOVEMBER 15, 2015

A large work of art over a sofa is a go-to look for any interior. Same with a gallery up a staircase, or a mirror over a credenza in the entryway. They’re safe and expected. You can do so much better. And the fine art experts at are here to show you how. If you’re tired of the old nail and hook, consider these 5 unique ways to hang artwork.


1. Drama, Drama, Drama – Create a Dramatic Backdrop

If you’re already happy with a current art arrangement, change its context by creating a dramatic backdrop to showcase the composition. This can be done by painting the wall a striking color such as glossy black, dark plum, or navy blue. If you’re a lover of pattern, consider installing a bold wallpaper – traditional botanical prints can add a rich contrast against contemporary images. Geometric patterns can also be a great option – a black and white backdrop in particular can really offset the color of a work of art. 


Gallery Wall

Photo: Decorist 


2. Turn Over a New Corner – Continuous Frames

If you’re a fan of eye-level artwork and print series, consider hanging everything in a straight line across a wall — turning corners and circling the room when possible. You may need quite a few works to achieve the look, but creating a continuous line of art can tie a room together in a unique design. Spacing between frames should remain consistent. If you have a lot of artwork, you can do 2 to 3 inches in between each frame. With less pieces, try 6 to 8 inches in between to spread them out.


Decorating Tips for Wall Art

Photo: Country Living 


3. Map it Out – Geometry 101

If you like the idea of a dramatic backdrop, but want to be extra crafty, take a note from that dusty geometry book and create your own line patterns with wire or ribbon or any other material that can be pulled taut and easily secured with nails or tacks. Study how you want to overlay your artwork by doing a small sketch – the lines can meet and overlay your frames to build the pattern. Copper wire lines against a black or plum backdrop adds an amazing, but minimalistic sparkle.


Wall Art Design

Photo: Little Green Notebook 


4. Floor to Ceiling – Make a Feature Wall

If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings – 10 feet to 14 feet, or higher! – fill one of your focal walls with artwork from head to toe. Floor to ceiling art arrangements look great when hung salon-style, which can be done by stacking frames of all sizes in a line and hanging them with a bit of space between each frame. Just line up the top and the bottom midpoints of each work and hang in a line. This can also look good as a work-in-progress as you’re building an art collection – it creates great line movement across your wall and guests will always be interested to see what you’ve added on their next visit! 


Interior Feature Wall

Photo: Magnus Selander 


5. Hook, Line, and…Art

Curate a collection of eclectic, single coat hooks and mount a pattern of your choosing across a wall. Make sure there’s ample space in between each one to account for frame widths. Find sturdy material to serve as a hanging wire – this could be leather straps, ribbon, or actual wire, depending on the weight of your artwork. Using the coat hooks as the function of a picture hook, hang the material around the hooks and secure to the back of the artwork. This works best if your art has D-rings or something similar already installed on the frame backs. To prevent the frames from swinging off the wall, consider stabilizing them with T-lock or T-screw hangers at the bottom of each frame. 


Hanging Art Creatively

Photo: One Kings Lane 


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