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Coachella Countdown: The Boho Looks We Love

APRIL 14, 2016
Photo credit: Left: Popsugar / Right: thejungalow.com

It’s an age-old question. Is fashion inspired by interior design or does design follow fashion’s lead? In the uber-creative, hyper-social world we live in, we’re guessing it’s a whole lot of both.


One scene-steeling fashion fest we always keep our creative antennae tuned to is Coachella, the annual Indio, California music and arts festival (and gathering of the hippest hipsters this side of the planet, arguably).  


With Coachella 2016 kicking off just around the corner on April 15, we thought we’d take a closer look at our favorite Coachella looks side by side with some of our favorite Boho room designs. With so many ways to rock it, there truly is a Boho look for everyone. 

1. Coastal Boho

With a definitively Southern California feel, Coastal Boho pays attention to structure, but in a relaxed, less assertive way. Warm tones are balanced with clean whites and there is an appreciation for the interplay of different textures. It feels lived in and never fussy. With a minimalist sensibility, only what makes sense to the overall equation is considered. The kitchen below was designed by Decorist's Head of Design, Ashley Redmond

California Boho

 Left: Popsugar /  Right: Jeff Beck photography from Seattle Showhouse

2. Eclectic Boho

There’s a sense of humor and whimsy woven into this look. Bold colors are abundant and contrasting patterns interplay in unexpected ways. It’s the most self expressive and “indie” of all the Boho styles…restraint isn’t necessarily part of the picture, yet there is balance in shapes and silhouettes, and bright, spirited hues are countered with clean whites and earthy neutrals.

Coachella Inspired Interiors

Left: Popsugar / Right: thejungalow.com 

3. ArtHouse Boho

The best way to describe ArtHouse Boho is that it has an experimental fearlessness with the designer’s vision coming through in a strong narrative. The unapologetic look is bold and risk taking. Though the prints and patterns tend to be quaint and decidedly feminine, there is a strong framework grounding the overall look. This gorgeous bathroom was designed by Elite Decorist Designers Jennifer Wundrow and Heather Brock of Nest Design Co, Inc. 

Arthouse Boho

Left: Popsugar / Right: Christopher Stark

4. Preppy Boho

There is a pared down, clean sensibility that makes this genre of Boho stand out from the rest. The bohemian spirit is still present…in the liberal lines and the freedom of expression, but there is a restraint and a purposefulness in the placement of details.  Prints aren’t necessarily part of the equation, but colors are bold, fearless and flattering.

Preppy Boho

Left: Popsugar / Right: apartmenttherapy.com

5. Bespoke Boho

The most couture looking of all the ways to Boho, Bespoke has an elevated, luxe feel that is more tailored than whimsical Boho styles. Earthy elements that feel in touch with nature are the backbone and unexpected touches show an attention to detail that could only come from a seasoned designer. There is a richness and elegance that feels important and commands attention. We love Celebrity Designer Will Wick's Bespoke Boho foyer design at our San Francisco Virtual Showhouse. 

Bohemian Style
Left: Popsugar / Right: Decorist San Francisco Showhouse

If you’re all about your Boho and want to bring more of it into your living space, get started with a Decorist designer today. 


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