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Designer Tips To Get A Globally Inspired Look

NOVEMBER 21, 2016
Photo credit: Martin Raffone via Elle Decor

For Decorist celebrity designer Martin Raffone, renovating his own Morrocan riad was years in the making but the end result clearly made the effort worth the wait. And after seeing this project featured in Elle Decor we immediately knew he was worthy of his major celebrity designer status!

Yes, we might have been fantasizing a chic life in Marrakech but needless to say we were also swooning over his gorgeous design. We especially loved it because while it clearly took inspiration from its locale, his approach to global design and artistry could be used and interpreted in most any home. From his use of color and textiles to mixing objets from different travels and cultures the home embraces a modern yet rustic sensibility.  

Today, we asked Martin to give us a tour and share some tips on how to get that globally inspired look. Here are his thoughts on how to pull together that sophisticated exotic vibe and how to make it work wherever you may live.


Create A Focus In Your Space

One stand-out globally-inspired item, is way better than a sprinkling of small items that will disappear into the background.  The item can be a gorgeous hand-woven wall hanging, a spectacular basket from Mexico, a collection of similar wool pillows from Peru.  The idea is to make a statement with one major item, then add smaller contrasting items that are special.


Show Off All Your Travels + Inspirations

An eclectic mix of elements is the key to smart global design.  The trick is to look like you’ve traveled the world, not simply recreated an ethnic or historic style.  A classic Moroccan carpet mixed with contemporary or even classical furniture is made all the more beautiful by the contrast.


Use Color As Your Foundation

Color is a great basis for a chic global space.  Color is everywhere and traveling the world you can see colors that can inspire your global space.  The hot colors for the Caribbean, warm dusty tones form the desert, chic neutrals and grays from the building of Paris.  All can be inspiring. Even small hits of your travel color can do the trick.  Using it in small batches like a collection of pillows, artwork and accessories.  These things can easily be moved or swapped out when you are ready for a change and as you travel and bring home different colors, the look of the room is constantly evolving, which is really exciting.


Keep It Minimal

I find that the global look can quickly spiral out of control with too much stuff.  Showcase two to three of your most cherished travel items in a special spot.  This keeps it personal and keeps the focus on the style you have created.  Set your special items front and center.  Please a cherished item on your coffee table, dining table as centerpiece or on a mantle.  And remember, this look is all about playing with unusual combinations of object and furnishing.  Experiment and have fun!

So if you're feeling inspired and need help getting that sophisicated global look in your own home, then pop over to Martin Raffone's landing page to start your own room design. Only here at Decorist—act quickly as he has limited availability! 

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