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Get The Look of Anderson Cooper's Brazilian Paradise!

AUGUST 1, 2016
Photo credit: Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Today is the BIG day—opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics! We're definitely jealous of the gorgeous scenery these athletes will be experiencing, but we can't help admit—we might have the better seats. No sweat, no pain, in the comforts of our own home just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the games on TV all while dreaming about the tropics. And if you've seen Architectural Digest's recent feature of Anderson Cooper's incredible Brazilian paradise, you're probably already dreaming—and drooling!

Once again, we asked our trusted and talented Decorist designer Ellice Condon to take over the blog today to give us her design tips to bring that gorgeous rustic tropical paradise look into your own home. 

Located in Trancoso, Quadrado, where many refer to as a ‘magical place’, is where Anderson Cooper has built himself an absolutely breathtaking Brazilian tropical compound. Although Cooper himself doesn’t like the term ‘magical’ for Quadrado, he describes this tiny social and spiritual heart of Trancoso as intoxicating, spellbound and compelling.

With help from local resident designer and real estate expert, Wilbert Das, Cooper’s compound consists of four pavilions on a strip of land with mango, cacao, jackfruit, banana, and acai trees. You will find a main cottage, two guest bungalows, and of course a tree house that sits above a bar and outdoor living room. You can call this rainforest living at its best. Read below for our tips on how to get the look of Casa Anderson:



Start With a Paint Color That Resembles Brazilian Sand

Cover the walls, ceilings and floors in a gorgeous creamy bright white that mimics the powder sand you will find on the Brazilian beaches. Mix in pieces with washed and worn textures in turquoise blue-greens, raw unfinished woods, lush live greenery, sun drenched cobalt blues and pops of orange-pinky-reds.


Dress Your Room With Natural Textures

Start by building the room on a sisal rug. Use rustic wood stools, end tables and a coffee table. Mix in a piece of painted furniture with a well loved feel. An easy DIY trick here is to water down some paint and just wash the surface to get that barely there color. Add piles of linen pillows to your sofa. Keep upholstered pieces light and in natural textures like washed burlap or linen.


Less is More

The key to this look is the simple, clean palette that is repeated throughout all the buildings on the property. There is a feeling of continuity that is achieved by carrying the same colors through every room whether it is in a pillow, a vase, a painted accent wall or a stem of flowers. This may be the secret to every well done interior- in my humble opinion of course!


Let the Light Shine in

By keeping windows light and bright, you can create that easy breezy feel in your own space. Adding mirrors that reflect natural light will add to this effect as well. Placed opposite of windows you get to reflect the view which can often times feel like a piece of art in a room all on its own.


Ok, ready to get the look? Let's go shopping!


Thank you, Ellice! We love how you pulled together this look.  So if you are feeling inspired and want to get that clean rustic tropical look but don't have the time or budget, then you should start a design project today! Ellice or one of our 400 + designers are here to help! Happy decorating and let the games begin!

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