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How To Design With An Eclectic Vintage Vibe

FEBRUARY 28, 2017
Photo credit: Nicole Mlakar

After living in a three-bedroom house in a family-friendly neighborhood of Austin, Texas, Decorist Elite designer Allison Crawford was ready to change things up. She decided to downsize and move into a smaller apartment in the heart of the city with killer views and walking distance to some of her favorite restaurants and boutiques. Of course, with this move came the ultimate project of designing her new home. 

Allison's chic Austin apartment mixes modern pieces with vintage finds, contemportary art with travel souvenirs and lots of fun color and creativitiy along the way. With a beautiful spread in , Allison shows off her design chops with a home that will have you drooling. 

Today, we ask Allison to take us on a tour of her new abode and give us a few tips on how she created that chic and colorful eclectic vintage vibe. 

Use Furniture Items For Non-Traditional Purposes

Rather than a traditional desk, I repurposed this burled wood dining table for my home office. It fills the space and gives it a sense of drama. Find pieces that you love and try them out in non-traditional ways.


Be Bold And Unapologetic With Color

I love pink—so I used it in every room of my 1100 sq ft home. You don’t have to stick to neutrals in a small space, but be purposeful with your color choices. If you pick something bright, make it the focal point of the space.


Go For One-Of-A-Kind Items

In a small space every item matters- so pick pieces that have a story. I made it a goal to buy only vintage for my new space and mixed in a few contemporary pieces from my previous home. Give yourself a challenge to buy only items that speak to you, not just those that are practical.


Keep It Organized And Intentional

In a small space organization is key. Remember to plan for all of the extra items that can clutter up a space. Keep a drawer for unread mail or a space in the closet where you can try on ten different outfits so they don’t end up all over your bedroom. I keep a stash of meaningful art objects that I rotate into my home design. This way the space feels dynamic and fresh, but I don’t have to worry about displaying every item at once.


Mix It Up

Small spaces should have a unifying theme, but be sure to change the texture and feel of each room, so each has distinct attributes. My bedroom has a bit more of a bohemian feel with the peacock chair, the living room is very glam with pops of lucite and metals, and the office is a bit more airy, all three have the same color palette, but the slight changes in style make the place feel more dynamic.

Beautiful interior design.

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