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How To Make A Statement With Your Rug

AUGUST 20, 2017
Photo credit: Adriane Busse for PopSugar

Ever noticed how an area rug can make or break a room? It either anchors the room, acting as the design glue that pulls everything together, or it feels disharmonious and takes the rest of the room down with it. We tend to talk a lot about best practices for rug proportions and where to place them in relation to your furnishings but, today, we’re dedicating the post to gorgeous rug designs. You’ll discover how integral they can be in elevating your overall style and creating a chic, sophisticated look. Here are designer tips for choosing the perfect rug for your home. 

1. Go bold 

Rugs by Justina Blakenly Image via Justine Blakeney for Loloi Rugs

Decorist Celebrity Designer and design blogger, Justina Blakeney, loves bold, graphic textured rugs. Known for her refreshing bohemian style, Justine loves to use rugs that have an unexpected spin on the traditional flatweave rugs. If you’re ready to break out of a design rut or are trying to incorporate more modern-boho into your look, a rug like this is fun to experiment with. Both the bold graphics and rich texture allow you to successfully break away from your decorating comfort zone.


2. Try a vintage look 

Image via Amber Lewis

Try a hand-loomed Persian vintage rug of a bygone era. The authentic heirloom look is created by taking traditional rug patterns and “distressing” them in a natural yet thoughtfully curated way. The effect is a warm, lived-in vibe that also feels expensive and luxurious. One of our favorite places to see a vintage rug is in a modern kitchen or bathroom, where it’s completely unexpected.


3. Experiment with neutral tones

Image via Studio McGee

Sublte neutral tones are a great solution when you have a bold wall color. The filtered patterns and tonal colors become even more neutralized when paired with other vibrant colors, graphics and patterns. Its versatility is endless.  


4. The art of layering 

Image via MyDomaine

It you have a small rug and want to use within a larger room, then try layering on top of a jute to help fill the space.  Also, layering rugs is a great solution when you want to tone down a bold pattern or add a hint of neurtal. We love the mix of color and textures it brings to a room.


5. Try Minimialism

Designed by Decorist Celebrity Designer Brian Paquette photo Adriane Busse

Looking for a rug that doesn't contradict your room's preexisting color palette? Decorist Celebrity designer Brian Paquette opted for a sophisticated black and white kilim. A minimalistic kilim rug adds a clever geometric flare to a room.

Need tips and picks for your entire room? Work with one of our online interior designers to completely transform you space. Happy Decorating!

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