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Keep On, Keepin' On Making Design Help Affordable

MAY 15, 2015

We started our day with something exciting today: a feature story in TechCrunch.  Yup, TechCrunch. As much as Decorist is about home decor advice, we are at our core a technology company.  We're out to make interior design help affordable, but still personal (and easy and fun, too) by bringing technology and the best design talent together in an entirely new way.


Gretchen Hansen at Tech Crunch


Here's the cliff notes, for those who like their news bite-sized: Decorist founder Gretchen Hansen had her "aha moment" when a designer friend came over with a few pieces of furniture for her office, which just wasn't feeling pulled together.  Said designer friend rearranged, zhushed (you know, that thing you do to fluff up pillows) and voila, fifteen minutes later Gretchen felt like she had a brand new office. The best part? She didn't have to spend a lot of money, or a lot of time.


Like any good entrepreneur, Gretchen quickly turned her attention to figuring out how to scale this instant, personal and affordable makeover experience, quickly learning that millions across the country shared this very same need for affordable decorating help.  Fast forward a year and Decorist was launched, with a vision to provide help with every decorating decision, small ("what chairs would work with my new table and light fixture?") or big ("I need help with my empty living room!").  


Decorist Makeover Plan


Back to TechCrunch, and why we're newsworthy (at least for today): we're a female led company serving primarily women, we have a great technology platform that makes it easy for our customers to find the right designer and for our designers to get to know their unique style, we've attracted the attention of retailers who recognize this ever growing need for design help and we've closed $4.5 million in seed funding.


If you've every tried our free "Ask A Designer" you'll know that our designers often close their response with the phrase "Happy Decorating." Today it's HAPPY Decorating, for sure.

Beautiful interior design.

Easy, affordable, and all online.



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