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Nursery Decorating – 5 Ideas For Nursery Design To Consider

JUNE 15, 2017

Anyone who has ever had a baby understands there has never been a more exciting time in life. You can’t wait to be a parent. Everyone you know and love is expressing their support but, of course, you have a lot to do.  One of the major things to do is nursery decorating. Nursery design is a lot of fun, but it’s also something that should be done as early as possible so that if your child decides to join you before their due date, you’re fully prepared for their arrival.  Here are 5 ideas to consider for nursery decorating, focusing specifically on furniture pieces. 

1. The Crib

The biggest absolute ‘must’ with any nursery decorating project is the crib.  You should definitely take the look of the crib into account when you look for one, but you also need to pay attention to safety.  Whatever you include with your nursery design, make sure the model is fully compliant with current safety standards.

2. The Changing Table

You need a safe and stable place to change those diapers, but your nursery design does not necessarily need a changing table that doesn’t do anything else.  Some models are quite nice and have quite a bit of storage, but there are others that can attach to a dresser or some piece that you may already have.

3. The Rocking Chair

Moms and Dads are going to need to sit somewhere when they feed their child in the middle of the night or they need to calm the little one down so he or she goes back to sleep.  A rocking chair is something that a lot of parents are happy to have incorporated into their nursery design.  It looks good, it’s comfortable and it’s a natural for what needs to be done.

4. The Cradle

Not every parent thinks a cradle is all that important, and the fact of the matter is that with most children, cradles do not last too long before the little ones get too big for them.  However, your nursery design should perhaps include a cradle because it will feel cozier for a small child, thereby making it more likely that he or she will sleep well.

5. The Tummy Time Rug

Until your child is mobile, he or she is going to need some tummy time every day.  This is an important part of his or her development.  You may want to consider a nice throw rug of sorts for tummy time as part of your nursery design, as it can be put away when it’s not being used for that purpose and therefore kept cleaner.  

Overall, nursery decorating is something that should come somewhat naturally.  However, if you would like specific help on how you can get this done, feel free to Decorist at any time.


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