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Online Interior Design 101: Endorsed by Press and Loved by Customers

JANUARY 21, 2016

The press can't get enough of this category! Decorist has been featured on Popsugar, Elle Decor, Vogue.com and more. So, we thought we'd have Decorist Founder, Gretchen Hansen, shares the essentials you need to know about online interior design. 

We get lots of questions here at Decorist about online interior design—what is it, how does it work, and how will it help me achieve my design goals (like making my home look more like my Pinterest board for starters!) So, I thought today I would talk about the key aspects of online interior design, introduce you to a few incredible designers we are proud to have on our platform, and a couple of fabulous customer success stories along the way. Feel free to us anytime at [email protected] if you have additional questions about our service, our designers or design in general! We are always here to help.


Here's what the press has been saying...


“With an online interior designer, you can live in Chattanooga and hire a fabulous designer in New York, even someone like Celerie Kemble, and you don’t need to have a trust fund to do it.” . 


"Whether you just need help picking out the right rug or you want to completely make over a bedroom, Decorist makes the process easier. Experienced designers are on hand to answer simple questions over email for free or through a paid package." 


"Aesthetically, Decorist has really earned our stamp of approval and stands apart with rooms that are tasteful and inspiring, no matter what tier they’re in. It’s no surprise that some of our favorite designers, like Brian Paquette, Celerie Kemble, and Will Wick, have joined its ranks."


“Choosing and hiring an interior designer can be a daunting task, but one site is making it much easier — and more affordable. Decorist has the perfect designer to help you make your design dreams a reality, whether you're working on a big project or a small room redesign.” 


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What is online interior design?

Living Room Design by Celebrity Designer Tamara Honey

The living room above was designed entirely online by Celebrity designer Tamara Honey!

Online interior design is a new way of designing interiors by working with a professional interior designer virtually. Technology has enabled us to build a platform that connects the best designers with customers all over the world; customers and designers can exchange designs and feedback through our virtual design board system, and interact virtually during nearly every phase of the design process. Just as Uber gives everybody their own private driver, Decorist allows nearly anyone to hire a top designer from anywhere. So now you can live in Dallas, Texas and hire a fabulous designer like Celerie Kemble in New York and work with them virtually to design your home.


How did Decorist get started?


I have always had a passion for interior design and for the most part was always my own designer. I adore vintage furniture, and one day I found an incredible pair of bright pink Milo Baughman chairs at my favorite vintage store in San Francisco. I bought them on the spot and dragged them back to my office. I put them in place and instantly my heart sank—it looked terrible. I called a friend of mine who's a designer. I love her taste and told her about my dilemma. I sent her a few photos and a few days later she showed up with a rug, a table and a few pillows. My room was instantly transformed through what was basically a virtual process. That was the first Decorist design project and we haven’t looked back. Since that day we have served thousands of happy customers—all virtually. Online interior design is here to stay!


Gretchen Hansen


OK, how does it really work?

1. Start with ordering a design package.

We wanted to make ordering a design package with Decorist as easy as ordering your holiday cards online. The order process is really simple. You start by taking a fun and easy style quiz, choose the room(s) you want to design, and then decide on your designer level. We are proud to offer three levels of outstanding designers: classic, elite and celebrity. Nowhere else do you have the outstanding selection of highly notable designers that we do at Decorist—we love all of them and hope you get a chance to work with more than one. 


Online Interior Design Packages


Start a Design Project


Every day when I look at our list of new designers, I feel like I want to design my home all over again they are so talented. Here are a few of our newest designers and my favorite rooms they’ve designed. Know you want to get started now? Take our fun style quiz here.


2. Now it’s all about you.

Once you have purchased your design project you will provide your project details by completing our design questionnaire online. We ask you about your overall objectives and goals for your space, what you want to keep and replace, your budget and your likes and dislikes. Keep in mind most customers keep at least some of their furnishings, and our designers are very experienced at incorporating new items with your existing pieces to create a beautiful and cohesive look.  


Decorist Questionnaire


At this point it is also important to upload your design inspiration—this can be a link to your Pinterest board, Houzz idea book for any other inspiration you want to upload. Because design is personal, we always suggest to customers to carefully consider their answers during this phase. In another blog post I provide suggestions on how to think about and provide the most helpful input.

Living Room Design

Check out this gorgeous living room designed by Decorist Elite designer Simone Howell! Photograph by Aubrie Pick. 


3. Meet your designer


online interior designers


All of our designers are hand-picked and carefully reviewed by our design team. We truly have the best interior designers in the country. If you do not choose a specific designer, our design team will expertly match you to one based on your style and objectives. Your designer will then introduce himself or herself to you virtually, and you will have the opportunity to add information to or ask questions about her project. Next, your designer gets to work developing two distinct design concepts based on your objectives style and budget. Within 10 days (longer for elite and celebrity packages) you will receive two virtual design concepts, all on the Decorist system. 

(p.s. Our design team is expert at matching you to one of our designers so you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect match if you’re not sure which designer to choose.)


4. Your initial concepts arrive

Now things really get exciting! Concepts are really initial ideas your designer puts together that include inspiration images and products. The concept stage is really just that—concepts from your designer to understand if he or she is headed in the right direction for your room design. Now is the time for you to provide candid feedback to your designer, don’t be shy! Your designer wants you to love your room, so any feedback at this stage is very valuable. You may love everything, you may love parts of each concept, or in some cases it’s possible you may not like anything! It’s okay and your designer is there to work with you until you’re happy.


5. Onto your final design

Your designer will incorporate your feedback from your concept stage and start working on your final room design. He or she is an expert at finding fabulous and unique products that fit your style and budget and will source from hundreds of retailers. During this time you will have ample opportunity to interact with your designer and/or our design team  to provide direction and feedback. 


Decorist Design Board


Your final design will arrive and look like a virtual room-furnishings and accessories are placed in a way you can visualize your space. Along with your virtual room board, you will receive a complete room layout which is a birds-eye view of your furnishings placed in your room, as well as a how-to guide from your designer and a complete shopping list so you can easily purchase your new items. Often your designer will include substitute items in a save versus splurge manner so you can decide which items you would choose to spend more or less on.


6. Your new room arrives


Decorist Design Project


Once you are totally happy with your design and shopping list we can do the purchasing for you; it’s never been easier to have your room delivered to your door. Our friendly purchasing group will coordinate all aspects of your order so it is stress and hassle free. Wondering about our prices? We work hard to find the best prices for you and often we provide exclusive discounts because we work directly with high-quality manufacturers. So rest assured when you order through Decorist you will get the best price. We hope you love your new room but if anything should go wrong no we are here to make it right.

Interested in learning more about our design packages and signing up for our great tips and newsletter? Start with a free style quiz!


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