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The Decorist Design Off Winning Board Reveal!

AUGUST 11, 2016
Photo credit: Decorist Editorial Team

This summer’s Decorist Design Off has undoubtedly kept us on the edge of our seats. With such talented designers and stylish lifestyle bloggers in the mix, how could it not?

As you remember, Director of Design Ashley Redmond was paired with Kyla Herbes of House of Hipsters, and Decorist Classic Designer Jessica McCarthy was paired with Joanna of Jojotastic. From the initial pairing of designer to blogger, the process has been exciting - each step bringing forth drool-worthy designs, tips to steal and an interactive format with their fans having a vote in the final rooms..

With phase one and two behind us, we cannot wait to reveal phase three: the winning designs! During phase two, fans commented, liked, shared, and messaged to vote on the concept boards for a winning design. In case you need a refresher, here were the concept boards:

Joanna's Concept Boards

1. Navy Boho


2. Moody Moroccan


Kyla's Concept Boards

1. Eclectic Vintage


2. Nautral Glam

And now, the results are in! You picked, and though you really couldn't have gone wrong, we're totally on board. Each final design was 3D-rendered to give Kyla and Joanna the a photorealistic visualization their future living rooms. As Kyla puts it, “I swear it’s like a genie crept into my living room and put everything together, snapped a picture, dismantled it and ran away.” 

Joanna's Winning Design: Navy Boho!


“The votes when I asked for help picking were overwhelmingly in favor of this option,” says Joanna, “I also found myself drawn more and more to the textures, materials, and overall calmness of Navy Boho —  and I think you guys did, too!” 

And upon seeing the final result, "I honestly cannot get over how real these look, almost like there was a super secret photoshoot in my house!"

We are so excited to see Joanna’s vision come to virtual life! As Jessica explains, "Joanna had such a vision of the type of space she wanted but just needed my help getting there. Our goals for the space was creating something new and different while using a majority of Joanna’s existing furniture and accessories." After much collaboration, "from early mornings going over the initial plans, to late night texts obsessing over vintage rugs," Joanna is thrilled to say "Jessica (and Decorist) really nailed it with the materials and balance of light and dark for my space. I cannot wait to begin working on this room!" (Rue)



Kyla's Winning Design: Neutral Glam!


"Once we knew Neutral Glam was the clear winner, Decorist sent off my room specs, shopping list, and mood board design to their 3D rendering department," says Kyla. And upon the grand reveal? "Holy heart eyes, it was love at first sight."

"Kyla and I have a very similar design sensibility and having worked with her in the past I had a good sense of what she was hoping to achieve for the space," explains designer Ashley, "I really wanted the space to reflect a pulled together, glam but natural vibe. I liked the idea of playing with shiny brass pieces like the etagere and side tables juxtaposed with more natural textures which we pulled in with the rattan chair and the driftwood end table. The goal of the room was to balance what is typically a 'formal living room' in Kyla’s floor plan with a more comfortable, but still elegant room for her to enjoy a book and morning coffee and for her kids to feel comfortable hanging out in." (Rue)

Sounds to us like Natural Glam was the natural winner!


Well, phase one, two, and three are in the books! But it's not over yet.. the final stage of the Design Off is yet to be completed: installation! Watch this space to see how each of their rooms came to life.

If you loved the designs, the Decorist experience is not just a special experience for blogger stars! You too could have your very own Design Off experience with your own room. Start a project today!




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